The areas of origin

There is no need to remember that - in terms of food and gastronomy - Italy is appreciated in the whole world, which looks at it as a reference to quality, health and delicacy.
And more than the Italian eating habits people appreciates the so called "Mediterranean diet", which usually uses few ingredients, very often fresh ones, deriving dishes that are nourishing and balanced in terms of health.

Italy's Southern regions are the best expression of the best that the world knows of italian food, in particular we want to point out the food excellence that this site selects and offers to its clients, referring to the regions where these products are most suitable.

The selection includes products made from durum wheat, namely pasta and unnumberred baked goods that are produced from it, legumes, extra-virgin olive oils, wines and preserves.

A speech in itself should be made for durum wheat, of which Puglia, Sicily and Campania are major producers and - above all - transformers: in these areas, in fact, we can find historic mills and pasta factories who contributed to the making of the myth linked to Italian pasta in all its formats: fusilli, paccheri, orecchiette, strascinati, pasta ai ferri, cavatelli, capunti, etc ...

Thanks to the work of bakers and biscuit factories, the sector of the Bakery offers other interesting and really attractive productions, either traditional or original and innovative ones, that are the result of the various uses of the wheat; first of all durum wheat bread (Altamura's bread, Laterza's bread , Matera's Bread, etc ...) and then the other numerous specialties, including frise (or frese), tarallucci (or scaldatelle) and all the different formats of savory and sweet taralli, not necessarily based on durum wheat flour.

Because of the number of varieties and of their delicacy legumes deserve to be listed, so we quote a far from being complete list of cultivations: Altamura's Lentils, Murgia's Black Chickpeas, Daunia Mounts' beans, Zollino's Small Peas, Sannicola's Wrinkled Peas, Vitigliano's Dried Peas (Apulia), Polizzi's beans, Ustica's lentils, Villalba's lentils (Sicily), Riccia's beans (Molise), Cicerale's chickpeas, Volturara Irpina's beans, Controne's beans, Vallo di Diano's Striped Beans , Vallo di Diano's White String Beans, Valle Agricola's lentils (Campania), Caria's Roasted Chickpeas , Caria's Beans, Rotonda's Poverello White Beans (Calabria), Bread Beans , S. Stefano Sessano's lentils , Tavo String Beans (Abruzzo), Sarconi's beans (Basilicata).

Speaking of southern Italy legumes we can mention the specifics of the area, namely Grass Peas (Apulia, Sardinia, Molise) and Fava Beans: Zollino's Fava Beans (Apulia), Leonforte's Fava Beans (Sicily), Miliscola's Fava Beans (Campania); the production areas of these legumes, in fact, are closely related to the South of Italy.

The best extra-virgin olive oils are produced from very different cultivars of olive trees in Apulia, Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, Basilicata, Sicily and Sardinia; throughout Southern Italy, wines - that are produced also by using traditional craftsmenships - often reach levels of excellence renowned in the world (Greco di Tufo, Aglianico del Vulture, Cirò, Primitivo di Manduria, Five Roses, Locorotondo, Cannonau, etc .. .)

Dritta, Raja (Abruzzo), Majatica, Fasolina (Basilicata), Ciciarello, Crimbitè, Muzzolè, Zinzifarica (Calabria), Pisciottana, Ravece (Campania), Olivastro, Rosciola (Molise), Ciliero, Coratina, Pizzuta (Apulia), Bosana, Cariasina (Sardinia), Biancolilla, Nasitana, Verdello (Sicily) are some of the names of the plants from which derivate the extra-virgin olive oil, as well as the preserves,, from the South Italy, carrying olfactory and gustatory characteristics able to satisfy any taste or culinary need.

Beyond agricultural production, South Italy is well known for the traditional processings based on these productions thanks to the activity of Preserves' sector.

Preserves offer ideas and food preparations through the most obvious and easy (the tomato canning industry is very typical of the South of Italy) to the highly specific of their production areas, it is almost certain the possibility of finding any vegetable or green vegetables under various conservation (in oil of various kinds, au naturel, etc ...) and aromatization makes.
Some areas, such as Calabria, offer real delicatessen with canned spicy Calabrian chiles, as well as with other preserved wood products (mushrooms, sprouts from various plants, etc ...).

The short and not comprehensive overview of southern Italy agricultural products must be completed by remembering almonds and honey, in addition to an innumerable amount of goods that are not within the mission of this site.