You can consider us as the partner of many Mediterranean “Made in Italy” food producers and buyers, specializing in international trade of several packed and bulk goods such as extra-virgin olive oil, wines, dried legumes, traditional pasta, tipical bakery and preserves, delivering superior quality and customized packaging.
We provide delicious and natural 100% Italian foods which are the true expression of their ancient origins and knowledge, introducing ourselves as a trustworthy source of mediterranean foodies coming from South Italy.
In addition to the services described above, we offer the Private Label service; informations about the service are available in the specific section of this site accessible by clicking here.

Our business pattern has its roots in our heart, trying to blend together the features of Southern-Italy's land with its millenary costumes; then we want to bring on the international market's scene the values of those artisanal and/or home-style specialties.
We think that it is fundamental to offer “tipical” products made following classic recipes with local materials and traditional processes of transformation and preparation.
The products in our catalog come from diverse regions, rich of culinary traditions, such as Apulia, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Abruzzo, Molise, Sicily and Sardinia. Most of the products has obtained the D.O.P., I.G.P. or S.T.G. certification.
We operate in consideration of the international standards by choosing only natural foods of very high quality and GMO-free, provided by companies that are well reputable and BRC/IFS certificated; this usually is an important marker for consumers asking for quality warranties.

Also the European Union encourages the traceability as an instrument for assuring the quality of market's goods. The regulation n. 178/2002 issued by the European Community, in facts, makes it mandatory to record the lots of the supplied goods, representing one among the most important answers to the requests for warranty and certainty coming from consumers' world, particularly in the food farming sector.
We do believe in communication and in the importance of interaction among the involved parties: from providers to customers, ready for every market and prepared to examinate each need.
We aim to excellence not only in what concerns the product's offering, but we also search to find some ethic in the way of set up and manage commercial transactions with clients and providers: openness, integrity and zeal are the values that we consider to be essential.

You can find us in Altamura (city of Altamura's DOP bread), placed in Alta Murgia National Park (1.500 species of plants, equal to 25% of national territory) and very near to the “Sassi” of Matera, city declared as World Heritage by UNESCO and european Capital of the culture for the year 2019.
Matera, city declared as World Heritage by UNESCO and european Capital of the culture for the year 2019

Our products are currently supplied in: Ivory Coast

Michele Paternoster
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